Friday, July 10, 2009

This Is Really Annoying My Feelings!

The Sudanese journalist Mrs. Lubna Ahmed Hussien invites us all to come to her trial. as she might recieve the verdict of 40 lashes as a punishment for the crime of wearing an outfit that is "annoying to the public taste"!!!

A copy of the invitation signed by Mrs. Lubna herself and which she passed to her work colleagues

Lubna Ahmed Hussien is a sudanese journalist who's been writing in local newspapers for years now, and has a famous column titled "Kalam Rujal" (meaning "Speech of Men"), in mid October of 2008, she was arrested along with 15 journalists. (for further information about the incident, see page 16 of THE SUDANESE HUMAN RIGHTS QUARTERLY.

back to the topic at hand, the law of which the court's verdict will be based on is part of the Sudan Criminal Procedure Act of year 1991, and titled with the number (152). Lubna's crime was described as "annoying to the public feelings". wait, take a look at her the outfit she was wearing and tell me if your "feelings" were "annoyed".

Mrs. Lubna wearing the dress She was arrested for

This is a very respectful outfit to wear in a place like Khartoum, if they accused her of "annoying the public feelings" with this (which is only the notorious Public Order Police way of saying "you're a whore") so the Moral Police is also accusing my mother, my sisters, and my friends of being disrespectful whores who should be arrested anyday and lashed.

you wanna know what really annoys the feelings?

It's the systematic violence brought to the rooms of girls' dormitory of Khartoum University by real whores, masked men with meta bars, attacking over 30 unarmed women sending dozens to hospitals for medical care, and eventually the government (who cares about the public feelings) shut down the dormitory without giving a damn about the feelings of these girls who came from their rural villages to study and have nowhere else to go. oh, the whores who attacked the dormitory are members of the National Congress Party (the ruling part), so we know who paid for these metal bars. Children Rape annoys the feelings, The situation of the abandoned children of Mygoma Orphanage annoys the feelings, the unfair imprisonment of Nahla Bashir annoys the feelings. But no, they decide to spend time and money persecuting a respectfull hard working beatiful woman and leave the malicious lazy ugly MEN who bring us nothing but misery.

Omer Al-Dosh, a great sudanese poet, described Khartoum in one of his poems, as "the city that lies down and sell its thighs to passerbys, look down at her children and push them to the river Nile, and goes back to lie down". I wonder what would he say if he witness these times.

Mrs. Lubna's last article was about The Kenana Sugar Company, of which the NCP hold a great share of stocks in, the company launched a new project to produce Ethanol which is a side product of Sugar manufacturing, and the president OMer Al-Bashir himself will open the project her article then discusses the fact that we can't use Ethanol for automobile fuel here because we still don't have the Technology, but It can be used to manufacture Spirits/Alcohol. she compares the company (and its stockholders) with the poor women who manufacture Aragi (Sudanese local alcoholic drink) and mocks the "Salvation Revolution" so-called "Civil Project" seperation of Alcohol manufacturing from the canned, non-alcoholic drinks manufacturing, and describe it of being a joke in the face of the "Civil Project's" enemy which is "seperating religion from the state". and tells the story of the Shaheed Organization (Martyr's Organization), which is a product of the Salvation Revolution (Established July, 1992), She remembers that, this organization actually started manufacturing Alcohol long before Kenana. right after the Organization stopped making Food Oil and started importing it from Malaysia and continued making Ethanol, which later reached the cups of sudanese citizens who found a hard time getting real Aragi because of the famous Sharia Laws that chased down local manufacturers, the ethanol manufactured by Shaheed Organization became locally known as ESPIRIT (obviously derrived from Spirit) and it caused poisoning and sudden blindness to its users. She later elaborates in a comically in the subject and finishes her article by the question "Is Kenana's Ethanol for the car, or for the driver?".

Kenana Sugar Company

We are living ugly times in Sudan, we might started manufacturing airplanes, but technology is nothing if we don't start working on our mental and moral health. I remember from my last visit to Kasala, I was having an outside lunch with a group of freinds from Khartoum and other Kasala locals, not far away from us there were a group of a famous private medical college, most of them born and raised out of Sudan, so their dress code might be a little different from Kasala's local citizen "taste". I was shocked when some of the people I'm with described the girls of being "nothing but whores" for dressing like that, and asking questions like "Where're their parents?".

In August of the year 1997, students of Ahfad University for Women were arrested and lashed in public by the Morality Police (The Public Order Police).

And about two months ago, in my university (which is been controlled by NCP for over 7 years now, they haven't lost an election in 7 years, I stopped voting), they banned girls who wore T-Shirts from entering the campus!! and as a result, a security guard slapped a student on her face for insisting to go inside and catch her lecture. We -the students- split into two groups, those who agreed on slapping her, and those who were against the dress-code rule and the security guard violent action. I was shocked at some of the first group's opinions on this matter, the word Taliban kept echoeing in my head everytime some fucked up dude mentions the words Fitna, Awra, Munkar, etc.

this is a mere result of the bullshit fed to the sudanese citizen by the decayed government of Ingaz that contradicts not only itself, but also the doctrine they say their based on, which is Islam. I'm afraid soon we will have a gathering like this somewhere in Khartoum. I hope Lubna doesn't get lashed, and that she puplished her invitation for nothing, but if THEY lashed her, then it'll be OUR shame if we don't do something about it.

Let's end this with a party, held at Kober Prison in Khartoum, thrown by the POLICE. and view the real whores, i'm not talking about the singer, she's just doing her job. I'm talking about the policeman who's taking a video with his phone, i'm talking about the KOZ (local nickname for NCP members) who signed the papers for bringing this singer and then lecturing us about how we should dress.