Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Spirit of Time

I heared about this net movie called Zeitgeist (German for Spirit of Time) and how it's "the most interesting, scary, brilliant, sickening and thought provoking film that I have had the pleasure to watch", quoting a dude from Yahoo Answers.

I cheaked the movie's webpage, and they got a quote at the bottom says:
"They must find it difficult...
those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority".

I didn't watch it yet, but I know it's about religons, and some other fucked up topics, I watched a few minutes on Google Videos (They got it Full in here), and it looks interesting cuz it cretisize religions in general and not only that LIE called Christanity which doesn't even need criticism to see how fake it is. I hope they got something about Islam.

so yeah, I downloaded it, and I'm going to watch it tonight, come back later to give it a thump up or down. anyways, I also downloaded Half Baked, so if this turned to be some stupid concpiracy theory slide show, I got Dave Chappelle to make me forget, and some real good weed man.
one more thing, is this gonna be like the Net Movies era or something? they're everywhere and about everything. I think it rocks. Academy Award people should add it to their list.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Latino Love

Finally, someone from South America viewed my blog (cheak my map below). lol, I know it's nothing, but to me it means a lot, plus, I'm bored and I wanna post something. I have respect to the people of that part of the world since I was a kid, thanks to cartoon shows like The Mysterious Cities of Gold and I'm still sad cuz I never had a chance to finish Andes Shonen Pepero no Boken (which is known as the Golden Eagle in its arabic version), I hope he found his dad. these shows and other stuff introduced me to the great civilizations of the Inca, Aztec, and Maya people. They were great people who were misinterpreted by most western media as people who do human sacrifices, but who wasn't at that time? Romans did it, Arabs did it, Africans did it. plus, what the spaniards did to them was much worse than human sacrifices, but since we're living in a white world, we don't get to see the atrocities committed by europeans(Latinos still facing atrocities by the USA fascist regime who acts like its their backyard), nope, I aint being racist here, it's the truth. and it's also the truth that these people developed great mathematical and astronomical systems nobody ever thought of it before, and they built some beatiful pyramids, like this one.

and of course, I can't forget that it's the continent that gave birth to Ernesto Guevara. and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isbel Allende, plus everybody around here says I look mexican, lol.
anyways, this latino who viewd my page seems to be from Uruguay, thanks buddy and good luck at the Copa America. and to all yall, Immortal Technique (who's also a proud peruvian fighter) got something to say.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Still smokin, what?

hey yall, sorry i didn't update in such a long time.. my bad. and to those who left some comments and i didn't reply to you, i'm really sorry but i'll get back atcha soon. it's just been some real shit here.
and between gettin topics titled with my name and waiting for Sudanese Thinker's blog to get back so I see what else commentors got to say on some of the issues he always comes up with. I found out that Akir and Immortal Technique released a new video, and it's so good for underground cats, I know IT made some mad money of sellin his dope Revolutionary Vol. 2 without a major deal, nigga got rich. anyways here's the video, you'll never see it on BET. and I'll come back with some shit later. peace