Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Illetracy Myth

so yeah, yall know how we been taught that the prophet Mohammed is an "Ummy" (Illiterate) prophet.. meaning he can't write nor read. and we have been taught to view this as a meracle, and a proof for the Quran being "not written by him".
I always wondered how can a noble man like Mohammed who descended from a noble house, and married a noble woman who trusted him for her wealth and he travelled to different places for trade, how come a man like that didn't read or write. well, one can never prove if Mohammed did read and write, but one can sure demolish the FALSE claim that he was Illiterate.
if we read the verses in the quran that mentions that word "UMMY", there's a different meaning that's not even close to literacy .. it's actually the "nasab"/"Name" of "Umma" or Nations.. therefore "Ummy" is more like "National".. read the verse and use your mind .. I'll quote them in english since this is an english forums, but with the verse number so you can cheak in arabic.. those are just two verses, there's more ..

3: 20 “…and tell those who have received the scriptures and the Ummien have you submitted?…”

2:78-79 "Among them are 'ummuys' who do not know the scripture, except through hearsay, then assume that they know it.
Therefore, woe to those who distort the scripture with their own hands, then say, "This is what God has revealed," seeking a cheap material gain. Woe to them for such distortion, and woe to them for their illicit gains."

reading the verses, you sense that the subject isn't the ability of Mohammed to read or write, it's the fact that he is not from the house of David, not from the tribes of Israel .. he is an Ummy, the nasab of Umma, meaning he is sent to all nations,
the first verse clearly states the there is: 1) people who who have received the scriptures, and 2) the Ummien, which is obviously the people who have not recieved a scripture (who are not from Ahl Al kitab).
in the second verse Allah warns "Ummys" not to distort the scriptures with their own hands, so the word Ummy can't mean Illitrate ..
the word Ummy is clearly the nasab for Umma, since Mohammed's Quran was the only scripture sent to a messenger who is not from the tribes of Israel,
a "Gentile" messenger.
the word Gentile means "belonging to or characteristic of non-Jewish peoples" and in hebrew it is "Goym". in Jewsh culture (and in the Torah), people of other cultures are called "Gentiles"/"Goym", in arabic, they are "Ummyien".

this is open for discussion yo, before anything, go read Surat Al-Omran, Aya: 75

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Youtube Is back, but how can we stop FOX?

Youtube is unblocked in Sudan now, I don't know who to thank, maybe me for starting that group :p lol .. but ey, thank god
anyways .. I just learned that Myspace banned a song !!
Myspace as most of us bloggers know is owned by that blood sucking leech Rupert Murdoch and his FOX Corp.
the song that was banned is East Coast Avengers - The Day Hope Died .. listen to it:

for real, fuck the internet censorship

Sunday, November 2, 2008


phew :s, the reason I made this blog was to say stuff whenever I want to all of you.

it's been a while I havn't said anything lol

ly b3deen

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lyrical Blasphemy

Ayo Bukhari
wherever you are, I hope you feelin sorry
and your consciousness is tourturin you
for tradin honesty for glory
tellin false stories that people hold as divine allegories
justifyin being gory with what you defined as Sahih Hadeeth
even though Islam is a religion of peace
your book declared war on non-muslims without cease
for kings to conquor lands and minds and become lifetime profiteers
and thanks to your hatred, hell for women became the middle east
the misogyny you advocated spreaded like a disease
throughout the world, and it wsn't the teachings of Mohammed
oh please..
it was the preachings of many many many fake shikhs
cuz you put that shit together 200 years after he deceased
yeah, I know you travelled far on camel backs just to get one hadeeth intact
usin what's become known as Isnad
but creating a solid chain of narrations won't make lies become facts
plus, your chain is full of thiefs and liars
and so many of "Lahw Al-Hadeeth"* buyers
take Abu Huryra for example, Year 20 of Hijra he was hired by Omar to govern Bahrain
but he enriched himself even though Omer sent him there "without Ni3lain"*
so Omer denied him the position and punished him for his greed
and if you don't believe me you better read Al-Ikd Al-Fareed
Abu Huryra only lived with Mohammed for two years
so how come he's tellin more hadeeth than Abu Bakr is?
cuz he's a liar, thats what Ali and Aisha said he is
even "The Nation's Priest", Abdullah Ibn Abbas AKA Hibr Al-Ummah, lied
the prophet's cousin who was only eleven when Mohammed died
during the reign of Ali Ibn Abi Talib he was responsible for Al-Basra's House of Wealth
Ali recieved a message informing him of his cousin's theft
and wrote to him remindin him about Allah's wrath
but ibn Abbas wrote back "da3ny min Asaterik"* for he was way down in iblis's path
and thretened Ali that he will fund Mowaya's Attacks, Alas
the Dynasty of Umayyads ruled in the name of Islam for a century
using some hadith tellers who actually belong to the penitentiary
to establish their kingdom with lies, roman epire style
Ahadith that plagiarized the bible and many other ancient files
thus we learned that Eve was created from Adam's rip
and that the prophet Mohammed tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff
we even got stories on Mohammed sexual activities, and how he can bang all his women in one night
what? were those who told these Ahadith witnesses of his sexual might?
or that on the judgment day Allah would prove he's Allah by showing his leg
showing his leg? you should be burned with your book for what you said
yet its held as authentic instead
and it contradicts the Quran in so many ways
it's so full of crap amounts that I can rap about for days
but this is enough for now I guess, plus.. I gotta go blaze

* Quoting Omer Ibn Al-Khatab when he punished Abu Huryra for using money from Bayt Al-Mal for his trade.
* "Al-Ikd Al-Fareed" a famous history book by Ibn Abd-Rabbu
* this story is mentioned in "Tarikh Al-Tabri" a well known history book by Mohammed Al-Tabri
* Lahw Al-Hadeeth: Quran: Surah/Section: Lukman, Aya/verse: 6

if it wasn't for Bukhari, people of Denemark wouldn't draw shit like this .. it's obvious that they read the damn book

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why I Use Youtube?

A member of Unblock Youtube In Sudan Now on Facebook started a topic about how we benefit from Youtube in Sudan.
I was like ..

youtube for me resembles independence arts at its best .. everyone who's sick
and tired of the commercialized music and the fake plastic artists on tv or on
the radio can watch/listen his/her favorite artists on Youtube, underground
musicians use youtube as a base to spread their music which they can't spread
through majoir record companies because it lacks the commercial aspect, take rap
music as an example, fakes like 50 cent and lil wayne found their way to fame
because they're on tv 24/7 makin commercials to cell phones, shoes and stuff
like that, but they have no artistic material of any kind, underground artists
can't compete on TV, but thanks to websites like youtube and myspace and many
other, they have a chance to make their voices heared.and not just the music, I
watched a "net-movie" for the first time on youtube, it was "Zeitgeist, The
Movie" a documantry with amazing content that would never be shown on TV, but
it's on youtube for whoever wants to see it.and I know alot of bloggers, and
v-bloggers (video bloggers) who use Youtube as a way to communicate and to speak
their minds, I know people who make news just like CNN or aljazeera, in other
words, Youtube is the equivalent to Gutenberg's machine, information can be made
by people who were yesterday only recieve it. suddenly everyone gets to speak
and not just listen like the old days, and I blv that's great.remember youtube's
motto: "broadcast yourself", it's a dagger in the heart of corporate media.

Click here for the full post

Not to mention how you can watch the eclipse, a giant wave, sky movement, sunset at Everest, full moon at the desert, depth of the Atlantic, etc. anytime anyday. that's how I benefit from Youtube, but still, my favorite part is how Youtube serves Artists to spread their art, and even helps fans to share their the artists in making the art :D . for example, cheak this video for Jedi Mind Tricks, "Before The Great Collapse", a fan and his friends made this video and broadcasted it worldwide.

In the end, I leave you with Genocide, an underground bosnian MC (rap artist) who was a refugee during the genocide on his homeland (Go to: . Track is named "Genocide Alerts" and talks about Sudan.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"They will show you how hitting be"

So the reasons behind blocking Youtube in Sudan are still unknown, local newspapers reported that NTC officials didn't comment, one official said they will pass a written statement to newspapers, which i'm still waiting for.
I can imagine how that statement will look like, they will babble about immoral videos, and the sexual content as if blocking it will stop people from watching it, or they will express their anger at the "disrespecting" graphic videos of the president Omer Al-Bashir, as if he's not already a joke and a disgrace. but what they will not say is the truth about their improsinment to the children captured after JEM attacks. who were later given amnesty by President Omer Beshir and I know he didn't do that out of sympathy.
We can still open Youtube in Sudan, using Canada's servers for example.
The video shows prisoners of JEM May 10th attacks, children prisoners, forced to crawl while being beaten by government Army soldiers. You can hear the children scream in pain, and you will see many soldiers with whips in their hands. They say a picture worth a thousand words, well, a video worth alot more I say.
If you can't understand arabic or sudanese dielect, I'll try to translatre some of the dialogue. One of the soldiers voice tellin another "let him hit them, let him take out their souls too", then the same voice is asking one of the prisoners "RPG?", he says againg "Klash? klash you son of a dog". other voices in the background "hit him", "hit him good", the children cries will make you sick.
At the second minute of the video, the soldiers are asking one of the prisoners some questions in a sarcastic way. "You were forced to come here?" the prisoner answers "Yes we were forced", the prisoner then says some more stuff but I can't hear him, they ask him "why did you go to Angamina (the capital of Chad which gave support to Dr. Khalil's forces)" he answers "I'm from Sudan" and says something about "hitting/shooting", a soldier tells him "They will show you how hitting be". and with the same sarcastic behaviour a soldier asks a prisoner if he "wants water" and tells him to "wait, it'll come". and the video ends with soldiers shouting and telling the prisoners to stay down, a soldiers steps on a prisoner's head in a very insulting way, and I'm sure if he was ever released he will carry arms again to kill "arabs".

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Revolution Won't Be Internetized

Gil Scott Heron has an amazing poem from the early 70s states that "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" .. in places like Sudan, it won't be televised and it won't be internetized either.

Many sudanese youth have joined the Facebook group "Unblock Youtube In Sudan Now" and expressed their disagreement with the blocking. and many helped by posting proxies and IP addresses that are not tracked by the National Telecommunication Corporation.
Still nobody knows the reason behind NTC's blocking for youtube, some would assume it's because of pornographic videos, in other words it's blocked for moral reasons. but why does Youtube have porn in it? well, it doesn't, Youtube team removes any video with sexual content, but I guess it can't define arabic text, but reporting abuse or "Flagging" a video is enough to have it removed. NTC filtering system works in a similar way, it searches keywords from the title, tags, or even the comments to block certain pages/videos on Youtube or anyother website, I've seen this happen before. but why blocking the entire website now? without even explaining why, I think it's just another attempt to suffocate freedom of speech, specially in times like these, with the international court after Omar, they don't want someone with opposition to the official story about how every sudanese citizen supports Omar. they don't want us to see the documantries that have been posted lately about the "ghost houses" created to tourture individuals who didn't support the "salvation revolution", and with the elections coming, they don't want any anti-kizan* campaign, which is something not allowed on local newspapers, and the national TV is on their side 24/7, but Youtube, facebook, and blogs give a free space for the truth, and this is what THEY fear the most.
this is not a moral issue, it is political. they have always profited from ignorance, and web 2.0 is against ignorance and those fascists really hates it, so I won't be surprised if they blocked facebook or myspace next. if they did, we'll have to do more than just creating a group on the web.

To open Youtube use this proxy:
you can also open it by typing this IP address:
and watch this video:

* Kizan is a nickname for the National Islamic Front and the ruling party the National Congress members.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Youtube Blocked in Sudan

Update: 23/4/2010 (two years later)

Youtube was blocked by the Sudanese National Telecommunication Corporation, which is known for blocking porn websites, and controversial religous websites, hacking websites, etc .. but Youtube? why would they block it? Youtube is known for it's "report abuse" system, no unapropriate materials find its way to it, even the videos with sexual/violent content are not allowed for -18 users, so why would the Sudanese government block it?(yes, I believe the government is after this and it's not a conspiracy) what else other than it's freedom of speech services? I know what this fascist regime hates the most? no, not technology, they fear those who are able to use this technology. I was intending to upload a video I'm supposed to get soon from a friend who got it from a relative working for the military, the video shows extreme tourture commited on those who were prisoned at the 10th of May events, did someone upload it before I do? It's been moving from phone to phone by bluetooth for a while, even though I didn't see it till now but people are talking. The governemnt managed to prevent local newspapers from mentioning Kajbar Dam atrocities before and arrested many activists.
what's next? Will they block blogs? facebook? myspace?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pix From Bagrawiyah

God, you have no idea what I went through to upload those pictures, the connection is slow, and the uploading sites have been giving me some shit, Facebook kept logging me out in the middle of uploading process, flickr is useless, finally photobucket gave me a chance to upload some pictures out of the 1GB+ I have taken, I also added some to Facebook afterall, anyways, here are some, I'll add the rest later.. click on the pic to enlarge

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shendi Yaaa

Al salamu alikom yall

I'm in Shendi, i've been here for 2 days now, and tomorrow i'm going to Bagrawiyah, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Kush,

I went to school in Shendi 7 years ago, studied 8th grade in Shendi North School, right after we moved from KSA, I was born here in Shendi, right next to Al-Sikka 7adid (The Train Station), I gotta admit, even though I lived here for a whole year before my family move again to Khartoum, I never seen how amazing this city is. but damn, I forgot my camera's USB plug back in Khartoum, so I won't be able to upload pics till i go back.

So yeah, the city is not the same as it was 7 years ago, it got more paved streets with lights, more multi-stories buildings, Atoz cars as Taxis, and a million raksha, so basically, it's not so diffrent from Khartoum, depends on where you're bike is taking you (my transportation in exploring the city is an old rusty bike that got the word Phoenix on it :D), "7ilat Al-Bahar" (a fancy neighorhood next to the nile, it's like Riad to Khartoum) is so amazing, specially at night, the lights and the trees and the clean paved streets makes it feel more like Khartoum, but what doesn't feel like Khartoum is the Copts. there are many copts here that you can actually see they have social classes, in Khartoum the only Copts I know are rich copts, here there's a whole neghorhood full of them and some of them are poor, and some are not, just like any other race, if they are a race.. I really need to know more about them. anyways, I went to their church, and I gotta tell you, it's mad nice, it looks like a mosque, only with crosses on it and a big ass satellite dish, I didn't get to see it from the inside though, maybe tomorrow when I come back from the ancient city.. man i'm so excited to see the pyramids.

I also wanna go cheak "Al-3ashwa'ey" (litterly: The Random), it's the neighorhood where southerns live, or forced to live I say, I don't know many "janoubi" people here in Shendi, even those who went to school with me I don't remember their names or where they live, but I still remember "Argaweez", she was my grandma's best friend, when she's not cleaning the house, or washing cloths, she just sits there in the kitchen chatting with my grandma, I wonder where she is now, maybe she'll show up when my grandma comes home, she's in Khartoum now, so yeah, the house is mine :D and it's crazy nice when you got the house and the stash, know what i mean? lol

I met a man today at the station, he looked like he's from South but i'm not sure, his name is Yousif, a really nice man, he's a soldier, he told me he came back from Darfur six months ago and now he's doing nothing, he didn't look mad though, I asked him if they were really killing people at Darfur because they're black, he tried to explain how it only started as a tribal conflict over camels and shit, something close to the government's official story so I didn't really care and stopped the politics crap. I hope he finds a better job, he is really a good man.

today's morning was so amazing, I even heared someone telling his friends "This is Sudan's spring", it was cloudy and breezy.. and if bob marley was with me, i'm sure he'd sing "Kaya" lol. so yeah, I went to the train station, but there was no train there yet, only a group of white people, men, women, and children sitting there like they're living there, I approached them with my camera up high and said hi, one guy, I forgot his name (I got my reasons lol) was so friendly so I asked him if I can take some pictures for him and his family, he was totally cool with, but not before taking the only 2 pounds I had in my pocket, I gave it to him cuz they really looked sad, I asked him where they came from, he told me they come from Palestine, yes, palestine, I was like wooo.they were really nice, I took some nice pictures too, but I stopped cuz the oldest one, probably their grandpa, took me aside an started some creepy conversation with me, he told me that "the eye got me" (the "evil eye" in islamic culture", I told him that I don't believe in this stuff, he told me about surat al-falaq and that Allah tells us in to seek refugee "from the evil of the envier when he envieth.", I told him it's as simple as that, we should be on the guard for the evil of the envier, envy is just a feeling, It don't hurt nobody, it's the actions of those who envy is what hurts.

he didn't like what I told him, and he told me some more things that i'm not gonna tell you, sorry but it's kinda private :), he pulled some psychic shit and told me some stuff about ME that I didn't like neither, so yeah, I left them and went back home.

later I went to the river, or as we call it here in Sudan "Al-Bahar" (litterly: The Sea), and it's the most beatifull bahar I ever seen, and the sunset was perfect. after that I went to "Al-Soog" (The Market), and bought a pound of "Basta" (sweets or desserts), and I gotta tell you, Shendi's basta is the best, it's not like the junk they sell in Khartoum, and you get to suck the honey out of the plastic bag :D .

damn, I typed so freakin much, I hope I made sense cuz I don't even remember what I said upthere lol .. but hey, I'll come back later and upload those pictures I took.. so peace

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rap: Producing Art

1- Stoup The Enemy of Mankind (from Jedi Mind Tricks)
this nigga here is a god on the beats .. if you listen to JMT's track "Saviorself" you'll know what i mean, whenever i listen to this song, the beat takes me straight to the pyramids, and that's what makes a great producer, he makes you live what the rapper is talking about.. "Uncommon Valor", also a masterpiece by JMT is another example of his magic touch, he takes artists' lyrics to another level with his creative production, it don't matter if its fight music, love, war, history, or anything. JMT's earlier albums show his abilities so clearly.. his next collabo with Canibus is going to make him an enemy of producers for sure.

2- Tha RZA (From Wu-Tang Clan)
killa beez formed their swarm with the production skills of this man, his work on the group's debut album "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" is remarkable for its gritty effectivness, even though the group's equipment was so weak at the time, it was even described as "dusty", but RZA's production came with a brand new style that was unprecedented in hip hop, using soul samples and movie sound clips to enhance the picture lyricists were drawing in the tracks. RZA's solo album "Birth of A Prince" is a masterpiece, lyrically and instrumentally, and with another 4 solo albums, RZA proves with his discordant piano samples and wavering strings that rap is an art. "See The Joy" from Birth of A Prince.

3- DJ Premier (From Gangstarr)
Premo is a ill motherfucka when it comes to making beats, he's been killing tracks since the 1990 and still doin it, he's most notable for his work with Guru in the great GangStarr, tracks like "Above The Clouds", "Mass Appeal", "JFK 2 LAX", "Full Clip".. and Nas's "NY State of Mind", show how simple yet powerful his beats are.. he also produced for many artists such as Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., KRS-One, Bone Thugz N Harmony.. etc.

4- Necro
this white sick motherfucker is a true track murderer, his rugged beats are as sick as his lyrics, sometimes you can see blood comin out of the speakers after playing some of his shit lol, listen to his collabo album with Ill Bill (from Coca La Nostra) "Street Villians" ("Bury You With Satan The Remix").. also his album "Gory Days" got some really gory plays.. and I'm glad to tell you I'm usin some of his instrumentals for my mixtape :D .. my all time favorite beats by him are "The Big Sleep", "Morbid", "light my fire" .. and the list goes on

5- DJ Kno (from Cunninlynguists)
another white boi with infinite skills on the beats, this kid is so fuckin creative his beats are like movies man, the album "Will Rap For Food" is more than enough to prove his abilities, and he really excelled himself with his work on the group's last LP "Dirty Acres" .. and between Rap For Food and Acres, he made some of the most touching beats ever, "A Piece Of Strange" contains some of the most artistic beats in the history of hip hop. start with "Rain", "What'll You Do?", "War", "Appreciation Remix" and "KKKY". get their whole discography to listen to more, it really worth it.

6- 7L (from the group 7LES)
also a white boi, 7L is a skilled producer who manages to take the listener to the core of Esoteric's lyrics.. in tracks like "Rise of A Rebel" it's easy to see that the rebel is 7L with his amazing piano. listenin to the 2006 LP "Moment of Rarities" is a great way to sense his production style.

7- Tonedeff
as a rapper he is a god of flow.. as a producer he's more like an orchestra leader, but without the stick, beats on tracks like "Porcelain" or "Loyal" are deeper than the words said in em, actually the whole "Archetype" album is a deep as a scuba diver production, you don't wanna miss that, listen to it's overture entitled "Overture".

8- Pete Rock
Pete Rock style is based on samples, and he's really nice with what he's doing, even thoough i didn't get the chance to really listen to all what he's done, but his work on Edo-G's album "My Worst Enemy" really forced me to put his name here. cheak "Jus Listen", "Situations".. he also produced for Nas, B.I.G., and many others.

9- The Alchemist
another white producer, this kid truly does turn lead to gold, his serise entiled "The Chemistry Files" are rapper's best friend (he has an instrumentals album with the same name). he produced for so many artists, but most notably is his work with Mobb Deep, Dilated Peoples, Ghostface Killah.. etc. a must listen: "Mama" from Big Pun's album "Endangered Species", Prodigy from Mobb Deep "Hold You Down"

10- Immortal Technique
though his production is not as much as his punchlines, but good things comes in small packages, or something like that.. anyways, his "Caught In A Hustle" track is a mad nice produced saga.

11- Jean Grae
her producing career is not as serious as her MCin' career, but she still a mad nice producer, production of immortal technique's "Revolutionary" from "Revolutionary Vol. 1" belongs to her sweet fingers lol.

12- RJD2
this white kid is a GENIUS.. he's simply a fucking genius, and he makes some real trippy music.. always good to listen to when you high as a bird know what am sayin? RJD2 is a real artist, mixing diffrent types of music creating inspiring tunes.. he mostly rolls solo, but his collabo with Aceyalone is remarkable, he managed to cheak: "Smoke And Mirrors", "Ghostwriter", "Beyond the Beyond", "1976", "The Horror", "Junior", "All For You", and you'll sure gonna download his whole discography

13- MF Doom
before anything, listen to "Biochemical Equation" with RZA from wu-tang and i dare you not to praise this man in the iron mask.. Doom is a Stones Throw affiliate, and he's a gladiator on the beats (the mask he's wearing is designed like the one Russel Crowe had in the movie Gladiator) .. try: "Nastradoomus", "Monkey Suite", "I Hear Voices".. and when he meets with Madlib, that's another story yo..

14- Madlib
another Stones Throw affiliate, and a track killer, his name stands for "Mind Altering Demented Lessons In Beats" so you know how sick this nigga is.. most of his work was done with Talib Kweli and other stones throw affs, like MF Doom, his collabo with Talib "Liberation" is a 5 stars joint, cheak "The Show" .. and then "I Love Marijuana", "Slim Returns".

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can you see?

Pyramids of The Royal City of Meroe (North Sudan) - Period: "Zaman lil deen" (too freakin old)

"Maqam" of Shikh Kabashy (Shrine) - A Sudanese Sufi Sheikh

what do you see? I'll come next week and tell you what I see

Friday, March 7, 2008

Put on your shades cuz the truth will get too sunny

"وَإِن تُطِعْ أَكْثَرَ مَن فِي الأَرْضِ يُضِلُّوكَ عَن سَبِيلِ اللّهِ إِن يَتَّبِعُونَ إِلاَّ الظَّنَّ وَإِنْ هُمْ إِلاَّ يَخْرُصُونَ" - الأنعام (6:116)

"Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie." - Al-Ana'am (6:116)