Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lyrical Blasphemy

Ayo Bukhari
wherever you are, I hope you feelin sorry
and your consciousness is tourturin you
for tradin honesty for glory
tellin false stories that people hold as divine allegories
justifyin being gory with what you defined as Sahih Hadeeth
even though Islam is a religion of peace
your book declared war on non-muslims without cease
for kings to conquor lands and minds and become lifetime profiteers
and thanks to your hatred, hell for women became the middle east
the misogyny you advocated spreaded like a disease
throughout the world, and it wsn't the teachings of Mohammed
oh please..
it was the preachings of many many many fake shikhs
cuz you put that shit together 200 years after he deceased
yeah, I know you travelled far on camel backs just to get one hadeeth intact
usin what's become known as Isnad
but creating a solid chain of narrations won't make lies become facts
plus, your chain is full of thiefs and liars
and so many of "Lahw Al-Hadeeth"* buyers
take Abu Huryra for example, Year 20 of Hijra he was hired by Omar to govern Bahrain
but he enriched himself even though Omer sent him there "without Ni3lain"*
so Omer denied him the position and punished him for his greed
and if you don't believe me you better read Al-Ikd Al-Fareed
Abu Huryra only lived with Mohammed for two years
so how come he's tellin more hadeeth than Abu Bakr is?
cuz he's a liar, thats what Ali and Aisha said he is
even "The Nation's Priest", Abdullah Ibn Abbas AKA Hibr Al-Ummah, lied
the prophet's cousin who was only eleven when Mohammed died
during the reign of Ali Ibn Abi Talib he was responsible for Al-Basra's House of Wealth
Ali recieved a message informing him of his cousin's theft
and wrote to him remindin him about Allah's wrath
but ibn Abbas wrote back "da3ny min Asaterik"* for he was way down in iblis's path
and thretened Ali that he will fund Mowaya's Attacks, Alas
the Dynasty of Umayyads ruled in the name of Islam for a century
using some hadith tellers who actually belong to the penitentiary
to establish their kingdom with lies, roman epire style
Ahadith that plagiarized the bible and many other ancient files
thus we learned that Eve was created from Adam's rip
and that the prophet Mohammed tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff
we even got stories on Mohammed sexual activities, and how he can bang all his women in one night
what? were those who told these Ahadith witnesses of his sexual might?
or that on the judgment day Allah would prove he's Allah by showing his leg
showing his leg? you should be burned with your book for what you said
yet its held as authentic instead
and it contradicts the Quran in so many ways
it's so full of crap amounts that I can rap about for days
but this is enough for now I guess, plus.. I gotta go blaze

* Quoting Omer Ibn Al-Khatab when he punished Abu Huryra for using money from Bayt Al-Mal for his trade.
* "Al-Ikd Al-Fareed" a famous history book by Ibn Abd-Rabbu
* this story is mentioned in "Tarikh Al-Tabri" a well known history book by Mohammed Al-Tabri
* Lahw Al-Hadeeth: Quran: Surah/Section: Lukman, Aya/verse: 6

if it wasn't for Bukhari, people of Denemark wouldn't draw shit like this .. it's obvious that they read the damn book


HalalHippie said...

Salaam, my friend. I'm afraid it's even worse: "people of Denmark" (of which I am one) never heard of Bukhari, never knew the first thing about Islam. Never drew a cartoon like that. ONE paper drew that, people of Denmark NEVER knew the first thing about the Prophet, despite Muslims living there for 50 years. So WHY do you burn my flag ? My flag NEVER hurt YOUR Prophet.

We misunderstand, jump to conclusions. React. Please, let us talk.

DZA said...

lol.. burn your flag? you watch too many cnn my friend, I didn't mean it that way, the expression "people of" works better in arabic which i originally wrote this in, then quickly translated it to post it here on the blog, I should've put it in another way, anyways, sorry if it hurts your feelings, i'll edit that when i get the time, and I'd love to talk too man when i get the time.

HalalHippie said...

"the expression "people of" works better in arabic" hmm... I guess you're right....

Forgive me, whenever I read "country of Denmark at war with religion of Islam" I get defensive. My bad as well.