Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gissat al Masoora al Maksoora/ The Broken Pipe Fairytale

Big Welcome to the new blogger SudaneseActifist, who's a dear friend of mine. and here is her Masoora Story :)

Once upon a time, not so long ago (at least 3 months ago), a suicide bomber pipe in Umdurman decided to explode. The pipe was in al-7itana, an area not so old, the pipeline must have been installed at least 20 years ago. Then the government increased water flow. What a noble thing to do. They want to give people more water but with such strong water flow the pipes struggled to subdue.

Poor suicidal 7itana pipe couldn’t take it anymore. Water flowed so strong, more than it could afford. It exploded flooding the whole street causing all sorts of disarray. The street was not paved so ponds kept getting formed. Mosquitos, frogs and wildlife have found a new home!

I know one girl that lives there that kept calling the Water Lords (aka Water Authority of the State of Khartoum). She called them AT LEAST 10 times she said but of course no solution was even sought. Other neighbors also called but only for their demise. All they got in return was a whole bunch of lies. Then they
were told the government cares, no more water should go to waste. They’re installing water meters to prevent the watershed! Rejoice people of 7ittana
water meters will be there FOR you! Yet the broken pipe also stood right there releasing water like a salvo :/

Watershed moment is what the water meters caused. People of 7ittana, Nas al 7illa, rose and roared no water meters shall be installed; “if the water lords dared to mess, they better fix the broken pipe before they can only blame themselves!” For sending a water meter messenger
that will only be beaten up, will be of no good but for the ruthless hospital
thugs (a.k.a some government hospital staff).

The story’s incomplete as we can’t but sit and wait. Will the people rise up or was it all just roars and talk? Will action be taken? And who will start the onslaught? or will it all just be forgotten as the water meters get installed? but who will pay for the broken pipe? whose water meter will it condemn?

I promise I shall keep you posted all they way until the end so stay tuned ya nas and listen up with intent :P

P.S. This is a true story. I’m going to go take pictures of the broken water pipe and post them really soon.

Visit our group "against prepaid water meters" here:

and oh, this morning, Al-Intibaha newspaper published the Khartoum Governor's "directions" to stop installing the new meters in residential areas.