Friday, July 25, 2008

The Revolution Won't Be Internetized

Gil Scott Heron has an amazing poem from the early 70s states that "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" .. in places like Sudan, it won't be televised and it won't be internetized either.

Many sudanese youth have joined the Facebook group "Unblock Youtube In Sudan Now" and expressed their disagreement with the blocking. and many helped by posting proxies and IP addresses that are not tracked by the National Telecommunication Corporation.
Still nobody knows the reason behind NTC's blocking for youtube, some would assume it's because of pornographic videos, in other words it's blocked for moral reasons. but why does Youtube have porn in it? well, it doesn't, Youtube team removes any video with sexual content, but I guess it can't define arabic text, but reporting abuse or "Flagging" a video is enough to have it removed. NTC filtering system works in a similar way, it searches keywords from the title, tags, or even the comments to block certain pages/videos on Youtube or anyother website, I've seen this happen before. but why blocking the entire website now? without even explaining why, I think it's just another attempt to suffocate freedom of speech, specially in times like these, with the international court after Omar, they don't want someone with opposition to the official story about how every sudanese citizen supports Omar. they don't want us to see the documantries that have been posted lately about the "ghost houses" created to tourture individuals who didn't support the "salvation revolution", and with the elections coming, they don't want any anti-kizan* campaign, which is something not allowed on local newspapers, and the national TV is on their side 24/7, but Youtube, facebook, and blogs give a free space for the truth, and this is what THEY fear the most.
this is not a moral issue, it is political. they have always profited from ignorance, and web 2.0 is against ignorance and those fascists really hates it, so I won't be surprised if they blocked facebook or myspace next. if they did, we'll have to do more than just creating a group on the web.

To open Youtube use this proxy:
you can also open it by typing this IP address:
and watch this video:

* Kizan is a nickname for the National Islamic Front and the ruling party the National Congress members.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Youtube Blocked in Sudan

Update: 23/4/2010 (two years later)

Youtube was blocked by the Sudanese National Telecommunication Corporation, which is known for blocking porn websites, and controversial religous websites, hacking websites, etc .. but Youtube? why would they block it? Youtube is known for it's "report abuse" system, no unapropriate materials find its way to it, even the videos with sexual/violent content are not allowed for -18 users, so why would the Sudanese government block it?(yes, I believe the government is after this and it's not a conspiracy) what else other than it's freedom of speech services? I know what this fascist regime hates the most? no, not technology, they fear those who are able to use this technology. I was intending to upload a video I'm supposed to get soon from a friend who got it from a relative working for the military, the video shows extreme tourture commited on those who were prisoned at the 10th of May events, did someone upload it before I do? It's been moving from phone to phone by bluetooth for a while, even though I didn't see it till now but people are talking. The governemnt managed to prevent local newspapers from mentioning Kajbar Dam atrocities before and arrested many activists.
what's next? Will they block blogs? facebook? myspace?