Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sudanese Hip Hop

I havn't been blogging lately because I'm so busy putting together an album under ReZoulution (AKA REZ249) records, whcih is a 100% independent label. set by me and my friend Ran Quip 2 years ago, and now consisted of 7 rappers. we make our own music, mostly smaple-besed beats using Sudanese original songs. and we rap in English, Classic Arabic, and Sudanese Arabic.

anyways, our first mixtape entitled "The Food of The Sun" is to be released soon, by me (DZA Tha Dissenter) and Ran Quip, it's all in English Language, I gurantee it's going to be one of the best english rap albums ever been made in the middle east zone.

We released a single a couple of days ago, "Forgotten Age" it is, political rap. sudanese to the core. hear it out.
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The people on the Single Cover requires a whole other post, maybe later. peace
The lyrics for my verse (The First One):

Fuck the peace agreement, it wouldn't cease the vehement
let the sunny truth beam in, the abyss of lying heathens
theocraticals misleading, the nation with sloganeering
theological treason formation is what i'm leading
bring hell to fake edens, I don't believe what they believe in
so I leave snakes bleeding, cutting them like excision
for skin changing and schemin, abusing religion
mass confusion, people losing their vision
invision yourself a southerner in 1964
when Abboud commissioned Islamization of South by force
what for? the dispansation of God's word?
man, it was the elation of his soul
the population refused war, and he was overthrown
(that's the glorious revolution of October)
five years later Nimeiri took over
south and north conflict got worse, moreover
Nubian monuments were buried under water
and the communists were slaughterd
by applying Sharia laws under US orders
April 85, he fled for his life to Egypt
democracy flourished for four years but they couldn't keep it
cuz the Salvation Invasion came to reap it
calling it a revolution, but it was merely an illusion
a false resoulution, far from a solution
and to this very day they still selling us dellusions
so this is not the conclusion