Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last night, I tried writing about Unity and such..
Couldn’t draft that much

I couldn’t even write the words: Sudan Unite
Because my pen knows, that I memorized a lot of Jahili Poetry(1)
And still don’t know how Nuer tribes write

I was taught about how Sahaba(2) used to fight
But was never told of how Shilluk people love
Or at the very least, what are their pick up lines

I learned more about Greek mythology, than Dinka mythology..
And oh, the ghost of Che follows me..
But I hardly know of any southern prodigy
Except for John Garang, hmmm, not so true probably

Because I could’ve said to him Thank You in five different languages you see..
Shukran, Thanks, Arigato, Gracias, and Merci
But only today, I learned how to say “Yin Cha Leech” five years after he passed away

“Yakh Hanak Beesh”(3)

Like when I complain if a catchy Indian song was on
Without subtitles..
But stand watching a group of Southerners singing on Harmony(4)
Without harmony, because Harmony trifles their agony
I see them dance, my third eye is not vital, but it’s able to glance
To help me enhance my identity, daydream of a day when we all live in amenity

Back to my serenity towards Secession versus Unity

I’ll find that when Khartoum is recognized as Meeting of the Rivers in the Dinka tongue
And not, The Trunk Of An Elephant(5)..
Look up the word Omdurman too, because it also is relevant
I’ll finish this January, two thousand and eleven

Otherlogy by: Ahmad M. 21.10.2010


  1. Jahili Poetry: Pre-Islamic Arabic poetry of the Arabian Peninsula.
  2. Sahaba: The companions of the Prophet Mohammed
  3. Yakh Hanak Beesh: Sudanese Arabic slang for "That's bullsh*t"
  4. Harmony: a locat Sudanese Music TV channel
  5. Trunk of An Elephant: Khartoum, in Arabic means the trunk in An Elephant (slightly pronounced Khortoum in this case), but actually it's derrived from Dinka Kir and Toum which means meeting of rivers.

Breaking Africa's heart - By: Qotouf Yahia

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I told You So"ish - Sudanese Election Fraud on Video

so yeah, they blocked Youtube in Sudan.. AGAIN ..
this VIDEO came out, and .. Youtube went out ..
we'll need THIS again, I won't even change the group's describtion

blogging later

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SudaRap Mixtape Vol.1

SudaRap Mixtape Vol.1

"New mixtape collects the pieces of the sudanese rappers puzzle, picky representative and unreleased tracks are being preformed by Sudan's sickest emcees, the concept is ultimate and totally fullfilled by different techniques and styles, vary from the old skool, modern rap and underground hardcore, ripped by english and of course, our lovely sudanese accent.

SudaRap Mixtape is an effictive addition to the hip hop scene in sudan, and will be considered as the spark that gathers all Sudanese artformers to participate together and strike with one hand."

شريط سوداراب الاصدار الأول

"هو شريط جديد يجمع قطع الأحجية المتناثرة للرابرز السودانيين، مجموعة من الأغاني المختارة بعناية و غير مطروحة في الساحة سيتم أدائها من قبل افضل الرابرز السودانيين، مفهوم الشريط هو كامل و منجز كليا باستخدام عدة تقنيات و اساليب، وتتنوع من الاولد سكول راب و الراب الحديث الى الهاردكور راب، و اللغة المستخدمة هي الانقليزية و بالطبع لهجتنا المحبوبة السودانية، سلسلة شرائط سوداراب هي اضافة فعالة لساحة الهيب هوب في السودان و ستعتبر الشرارة التي ستجمع كل الفنانين السودانيين لكي يجتمعو ويهاجمو بيد واحدة. "

Mixtape is hosted and manged by Hashim Tha Brainstorm (AKA Zoulotary from ReZOULution) & Rebel S..

The Artwork Desinge is by Rebel S

(size: -70MB)