Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sudanese Hip Hop

I havn't been blogging lately because I'm so busy putting together an album under ReZoulution (AKA REZ249) records, whcih is a 100% independent label. set by me and my friend Ran Quip 2 years ago, and now consisted of 7 rappers. we make our own music, mostly smaple-besed beats using Sudanese original songs. and we rap in English, Classic Arabic, and Sudanese Arabic.

anyways, our first mixtape entitled "The Food of The Sun" is to be released soon, by me (DZA Tha Dissenter) and Ran Quip, it's all in English Language, I gurantee it's going to be one of the best english rap albums ever been made in the middle east zone.

We released a single a couple of days ago, "Forgotten Age" it is, political rap. sudanese to the core. hear it out.
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The people on the Single Cover requires a whole other post, maybe later. peace
The lyrics for my verse (The First One):

Fuck the peace agreement, it wouldn't cease the vehement
let the sunny truth beam in, the abyss of lying heathens
theocraticals misleading, the nation with sloganeering
theological treason formation is what i'm leading
bring hell to fake edens, I don't believe what they believe in
so I leave snakes bleeding, cutting them like excision
for skin changing and schemin, abusing religion
mass confusion, people losing their vision
invision yourself a southerner in 1964
when Abboud commissioned Islamization of South by force
what for? the dispansation of God's word?
man, it was the elation of his soul
the population refused war, and he was overthrown
(that's the glorious revolution of October)
five years later Nimeiri took over
south and north conflict got worse, moreover
Nubian monuments were buried under water
and the communists were slaughterd
by applying Sharia laws under US orders
April 85, he fled for his life to Egypt
democracy flourished for four years but they couldn't keep it
cuz the Salvation Invasion came to reap it
calling it a revolution, but it was merely an illusion
a false resoulution, far from a solution
and to this very day they still selling us dellusions
so this is not the conclusion

Friday, July 10, 2009

This Is Really Annoying My Feelings!

The Sudanese journalist Mrs. Lubna Ahmed Hussien invites us all to come to her trial. as she might recieve the verdict of 40 lashes as a punishment for the crime of wearing an outfit that is "annoying to the public taste"!!!

A copy of the invitation signed by Mrs. Lubna herself and which she passed to her work colleagues

Lubna Ahmed Hussien is a sudanese journalist who's been writing in local newspapers for years now, and has a famous column titled "Kalam Rujal" (meaning "Speech of Men"), in mid October of 2008, she was arrested along with 15 journalists. (for further information about the incident, see page 16 of THE SUDANESE HUMAN RIGHTS QUARTERLY.

back to the topic at hand, the law of which the court's verdict will be based on is part of the Sudan Criminal Procedure Act of year 1991, and titled with the number (152). Lubna's crime was described as "annoying to the public feelings". wait, take a look at her the outfit she was wearing and tell me if your "feelings" were "annoyed".

Mrs. Lubna wearing the dress She was arrested for

This is a very respectful outfit to wear in a place like Khartoum, if they accused her of "annoying the public feelings" with this (which is only the notorious Public Order Police way of saying "you're a whore") so the Moral Police is also accusing my mother, my sisters, and my friends of being disrespectful whores who should be arrested anyday and lashed.

you wanna know what really annoys the feelings?

It's the systematic violence brought to the rooms of girls' dormitory of Khartoum University by real whores, masked men with meta bars, attacking over 30 unarmed women sending dozens to hospitals for medical care, and eventually the government (who cares about the public feelings) shut down the dormitory without giving a damn about the feelings of these girls who came from their rural villages to study and have nowhere else to go. oh, the whores who attacked the dormitory are members of the National Congress Party (the ruling part), so we know who paid for these metal bars. Children Rape annoys the feelings, The situation of the abandoned children of Mygoma Orphanage annoys the feelings, the unfair imprisonment of Nahla Bashir annoys the feelings. But no, they decide to spend time and money persecuting a respectfull hard working beatiful woman and leave the malicious lazy ugly MEN who bring us nothing but misery.

Omer Al-Dosh, a great sudanese poet, described Khartoum in one of his poems, as "the city that lies down and sell its thighs to passerbys, look down at her children and push them to the river Nile, and goes back to lie down". I wonder what would he say if he witness these times.

Mrs. Lubna's last article was about The Kenana Sugar Company, of which the NCP hold a great share of stocks in, the company launched a new project to produce Ethanol which is a side product of Sugar manufacturing, and the president OMer Al-Bashir himself will open the project her article then discusses the fact that we can't use Ethanol for automobile fuel here because we still don't have the Technology, but It can be used to manufacture Spirits/Alcohol. she compares the company (and its stockholders) with the poor women who manufacture Aragi (Sudanese local alcoholic drink) and mocks the "Salvation Revolution" so-called "Civil Project" seperation of Alcohol manufacturing from the canned, non-alcoholic drinks manufacturing, and describe it of being a joke in the face of the "Civil Project's" enemy which is "seperating religion from the state". and tells the story of the Shaheed Organization (Martyr's Organization), which is a product of the Salvation Revolution (Established July, 1992), She remembers that, this organization actually started manufacturing Alcohol long before Kenana. right after the Organization stopped making Food Oil and started importing it from Malaysia and continued making Ethanol, which later reached the cups of sudanese citizens who found a hard time getting real Aragi because of the famous Sharia Laws that chased down local manufacturers, the ethanol manufactured by Shaheed Organization became locally known as ESPIRIT (obviously derrived from Spirit) and it caused poisoning and sudden blindness to its users. She later elaborates in a comically in the subject and finishes her article by the question "Is Kenana's Ethanol for the car, or for the driver?".

Kenana Sugar Company

We are living ugly times in Sudan, we might started manufacturing airplanes, but technology is nothing if we don't start working on our mental and moral health. I remember from my last visit to Kasala, I was having an outside lunch with a group of freinds from Khartoum and other Kasala locals, not far away from us there were a group of a famous private medical college, most of them born and raised out of Sudan, so their dress code might be a little different from Kasala's local citizen "taste". I was shocked when some of the people I'm with described the girls of being "nothing but whores" for dressing like that, and asking questions like "Where're their parents?".

In August of the year 1997, students of Ahfad University for Women were arrested and lashed in public by the Morality Police (The Public Order Police).

And about two months ago, in my university (which is been controlled by NCP for over 7 years now, they haven't lost an election in 7 years, I stopped voting), they banned girls who wore T-Shirts from entering the campus!! and as a result, a security guard slapped a student on her face for insisting to go inside and catch her lecture. We -the students- split into two groups, those who agreed on slapping her, and those who were against the dress-code rule and the security guard violent action. I was shocked at some of the first group's opinions on this matter, the word Taliban kept echoeing in my head everytime some fucked up dude mentions the words Fitna, Awra, Munkar, etc.

this is a mere result of the bullshit fed to the sudanese citizen by the decayed government of Ingaz that contradicts not only itself, but also the doctrine they say their based on, which is Islam. I'm afraid soon we will have a gathering like this somewhere in Khartoum. I hope Lubna doesn't get lashed, and that she puplished her invitation for nothing, but if THEY lashed her, then it'll be OUR shame if we don't do something about it.

Let's end this with a party, held at Kober Prison in Khartoum, thrown by the POLICE. and view the real whores, i'm not talking about the singer, she's just doing her job. I'm talking about the policeman who's taking a video with his phone, i'm talking about the KOZ (local nickname for NCP members) who signed the papers for bringing this singer and then lecturing us about how we should dress.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Reaction to RCC

Salam all, Drima posted asking fellow Sudanese Bloggers to post links for their reaction on the ICC's warrent against Al-Bashir . I'm on my final exams these days so I'm not going to post something big this time, but I found these funny cartoons by the Sudanese cartoonist Omer Dafa'allah, I will try to translate them in a sec, and come back later to post what I think about this.
I have plenty to say about this just like millions of Sudanese citizens from both sides, those who support Al-Bashir, and those who support the ICC (to those who support Al-Bashir there's no such thing as ICC it's only the "jew", "pig" "playboy" Ocampo, and they're taking it in a personal way that just sickening). there's also those who wants to see justice brought to Sudan but they don't want it to be brought by the ICC and the ones behind it, one can't deny there are people behind this move and who benefit from its "consequences". consequences, that is a scary word to most of us Sudanese when it comes to this decision. Kizan (= Sudanese people call NCP's regime members' Kizan and it translates to cups or buckets, its singular is pronounced "Koz", it's said that Hassan Al-Turabi, the NCP's godfather have created this phrase back in the 80's or 70's I don't remember, when he stated that "Islam is a sea, and we are the cups/kizan that draw from it", yeah right. anyways. Kizan are trying to make us believe that there will be chaos and madness if Omer was arrested, they tend to repeat that the ICC's goal is "Creative Chaos" and they work to convince the Sudanese masses that if you do not support Omer Al-Bashir, you are a spy and a puppet of the enemies, which is Ocampu, USA, jews, blah blah. I gotta run now, lemme past them pictures first with simple translations.

The sign says: Omer Al-Bashir's House, and the two women are his wifes. one of them is saying "If you only knew how kind Omer is, but sons of bitches got to him, made a president of him and a stupid goat".

- Kizan leaves Al-Basjir for himself against ICC. The Koz holding a bag of money is urging UN and ICC to be easy with the man for his so scared of them, the UN is urging ICC to catch him.

the sign says "The Islamic Hole to hide the Symbol of sovereignty and Patriotism", fat Koz is saying "We rather live under ground than over, we don't care about ICC". -this expression "Under ground is better to us than the surface is also a Kizan invention, from the Civil War days, I forgot who said it though.

Omer Al-Bashir holding his shoe yelling "dog, coward, playboy", and two men looking, one is obviously high on Bango (sudanese slang for Marijuana) saying "Man, seems he went nuts", I didn't finish translation of his line cuz i'm not sure what it means, but if it's what I think it is then LMAO, it's funny lideeeeen. so, sudanese visitors, whatta you think he means by "shari7a"?

Salam out

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tribalism Vs. Statism

Last night I went to a police station to file a report against some "Al Nizam Al3am" recruites who arrested me for "buying alcohol" (A Nizam Ala'am=Puplic Order, which is a police department responsible for "fighting moral crimes", like alcohol, drugs, sex, etc, and they are SOB's I tell you), well, me and a friend did buy a bottle of alcohol, but my friend who was holding it jumbed off the Raksha (click to see what a Raksha is) and he ran like he never ran before lol, I was "roughed" around and threatened by a piece of bango/marijuana if I don't make my friend come back with the bottle, in the end they let me go.. anyways, that's not the issue. the issue is I wanted to avenge for wasting my time so bad I decided to go to the Police Station myself and find these suckers, I memorized the car's plate numbers and took another Raksha.

at the station I was asked for my name, age, address, and "my tribe". the policeman who was asking me these questions was a western sudanese. I told him I can't answer this question cuz it's not relevant to my case. but he insisted it because it's "procedures". I couldn't understand how asking me about my tribe is procedure!
but as I tried to describe the dudes who arrested me i couldn't help but to reffer to one of them as "wad 3arab" (=son of an arab). i felt bad for using this stupid description so I added the pharase "you know, as THEY say, he was a wad 3arab/arab".
and I thought about "THEY" for a minute, THEY is obviously the ones who find benefit in such discrimination, the benefit is mostly political of course, but most of the times it is mere Pride. THEY find comfort in being proud of who THEY are, or in fact, what THEIR tribe is. the same western policeman told me "this will never change", and "sudan will remain racist forever". i don't think this is racism, this is more like an attempt to fulfil one's pride in one's self. i don't think this can be "changed" or removed, but it can be directed in a better way, instead of classifying sudanese people on the basis of their tribe, why not do so on the basis of their city, state, or home town, if sudanese people learned to be proud in who they really are, Sudanese, and replaced the need for tribalism as a method for pride fulfilment, we would have a much better Sudan.

I want the next presidenid to try and make everyone proud of where he was born, make one proud of the land not the people/tribes who once dwelled this land. every sudanese state/region has its own unique culture, use this as way to fulfil people's pride with. why should all states have to teach the same subjects in schools, let every state teach its own history for example, so the children grow with pride in their land no matter what the tribes they came from are. but when you teach everyone about "great" muslim and "arab" men, our peoblem will never be solved.

i have to go now, oh, don't mind the topic's title, it's meaningless lol
and yeah, our weekend was not completely ruined after all, we went out again and bought another bottle from a place right next to the Police Station :D

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shadia Mansour

the palestinian singer and rapper Shadia Mansour is a real talented artist, one minute she's singing like Fayrooz, the next she's spitting rap like no other arab rapper. she's simply amazing. it's been only three days since I listened to her with Mahmoud Jrere (from DAM) on this amazing song "Badi Salam" (I want peace).

cheak her tracks on her Myspace:

All is War

Fun-da-mental -- All Is War album which caused a media frenzy is now in video form.The video shows the three bombmakers, an anarchist bomb maker who shows how with a small amount of money he can craete chaos. An intellectual, academic and educated renegade who for a certain amount of money is willing to deal his secrets to the highest bidder.The most interesting is the last one who is sponsered by the majority of the general public from their taxes and works on our behalf through the Govts or States to make the most horrific bombs(in killing ability).The track questions the morality of an acceptable and legal bomber and one that is working for other purposes.In this day of "War On Terror" all common sense and justice seems to be a monoply to those who are the most wealthy and most hypocritical, those that cause most mischeif and feel that they have the sole and moral right to muder people.. Madness all of & tracks downlaods from