Saturday, January 24, 2009

All is War

Fun-da-mental -- All Is War album which caused a media frenzy is now in video form.The video shows the three bombmakers, an anarchist bomb maker who shows how with a small amount of money he can craete chaos. An intellectual, academic and educated renegade who for a certain amount of money is willing to deal his secrets to the highest bidder.The most interesting is the last one who is sponsered by the majority of the general public from their taxes and works on our behalf through the Govts or States to make the most horrific bombs(in killing ability).The track questions the morality of an acceptable and legal bomber and one that is working for other purposes.In this day of "War On Terror" all common sense and justice seems to be a monoply to those who are the most wealthy and most hypocritical, those that cause most mischeif and feel that they have the sole and moral right to muder people.. Madness all of & tracks downlaods from

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