Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Reaction to RCC

Salam all, Drima posted asking fellow Sudanese Bloggers to post links for their reaction on the ICC's warrent against Al-Bashir . I'm on my final exams these days so I'm not going to post something big this time, but I found these funny cartoons by the Sudanese cartoonist Omer Dafa'allah, I will try to translate them in a sec, and come back later to post what I think about this.
I have plenty to say about this just like millions of Sudanese citizens from both sides, those who support Al-Bashir, and those who support the ICC (to those who support Al-Bashir there's no such thing as ICC it's only the "jew", "pig" "playboy" Ocampo, and they're taking it in a personal way that just sickening). there's also those who wants to see justice brought to Sudan but they don't want it to be brought by the ICC and the ones behind it, one can't deny there are people behind this move and who benefit from its "consequences". consequences, that is a scary word to most of us Sudanese when it comes to this decision. Kizan (= Sudanese people call NCP's regime members' Kizan and it translates to cups or buckets, its singular is pronounced "Koz", it's said that Hassan Al-Turabi, the NCP's godfather have created this phrase back in the 80's or 70's I don't remember, when he stated that "Islam is a sea, and we are the cups/kizan that draw from it", yeah right. anyways. Kizan are trying to make us believe that there will be chaos and madness if Omer was arrested, they tend to repeat that the ICC's goal is "Creative Chaos" and they work to convince the Sudanese masses that if you do not support Omer Al-Bashir, you are a spy and a puppet of the enemies, which is Ocampu, USA, jews, blah blah. I gotta run now, lemme past them pictures first with simple translations.

The sign says: Omer Al-Bashir's House, and the two women are his wifes. one of them is saying "If you only knew how kind Omer is, but sons of bitches got to him, made a president of him and a stupid goat".

- Kizan leaves Al-Basjir for himself against ICC. The Koz holding a bag of money is urging UN and ICC to be easy with the man for his so scared of them, the UN is urging ICC to catch him.

the sign says "The Islamic Hole to hide the Symbol of sovereignty and Patriotism", fat Koz is saying "We rather live under ground than over, we don't care about ICC". -this expression "Under ground is better to us than the surface is also a Kizan invention, from the Civil War days, I forgot who said it though.

Omer Al-Bashir holding his shoe yelling "dog, coward, playboy", and two men looking, one is obviously high on Bango (sudanese slang for Marijuana) saying "Man, seems he went nuts", I didn't finish translation of his line cuz i'm not sure what it means, but if it's what I think it is then LMAO, it's funny lideeeeen. so, sudanese visitors, whatta you think he means by "shari7a"?

Salam out


A Simple Little Lagniappe said...

hahaha @ "Salam out"

Wow, your translation skills make me want you to marry me. ^^ :P

Gosh, I wish I could translate between English and Arabic as smoothly as you do. It took me about a minute or two just to read the first sign.

I've been thinking of translating my blog posts that are in English (into Arabic). Do check back in about...five, or fifty, years. =)

Anonymous said...

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