Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why I Use Youtube?

A member of Unblock Youtube In Sudan Now on Facebook started a topic about how we benefit from Youtube in Sudan.
I was like ..

youtube for me resembles independence arts at its best .. everyone who's sick
and tired of the commercialized music and the fake plastic artists on tv or on
the radio can watch/listen his/her favorite artists on Youtube, underground
musicians use youtube as a base to spread their music which they can't spread
through majoir record companies because it lacks the commercial aspect, take rap
music as an example, fakes like 50 cent and lil wayne found their way to fame
because they're on tv 24/7 makin commercials to cell phones, shoes and stuff
like that, but they have no artistic material of any kind, underground artists
can't compete on TV, but thanks to websites like youtube and myspace and many
other, they have a chance to make their voices heared.and not just the music, I
watched a "net-movie" for the first time on youtube, it was "Zeitgeist, The
Movie" a documantry with amazing content that would never be shown on TV, but
it's on youtube for whoever wants to see it.and I know alot of bloggers, and
v-bloggers (video bloggers) who use Youtube as a way to communicate and to speak
their minds, I know people who make news just like CNN or aljazeera, in other
words, Youtube is the equivalent to Gutenberg's machine, information can be made
by people who were yesterday only recieve it. suddenly everyone gets to speak
and not just listen like the old days, and I blv that's great.remember youtube's
motto: "broadcast yourself", it's a dagger in the heart of corporate media.

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Not to mention how you can watch the eclipse, a giant wave, sky movement, sunset at Everest, full moon at the desert, depth of the Atlantic, etc. anytime anyday. that's how I benefit from Youtube, but still, my favorite part is how Youtube serves Artists to spread their art, and even helps fans to share their the artists in making the art :D . for example, cheak this video for Jedi Mind Tricks, "Before The Great Collapse", a fan and his friends made this video and broadcasted it worldwide.

In the end, I leave you with Genocide, an underground bosnian MC (rap artist) who was a refugee during the genocide on his homeland (Go to: . Track is named "Genocide Alerts" and talks about Sudan.

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HalalHippie said...

Just thought I'd appreciate: Freedom of expression is one thing "we" spoiled kids of the West take for granted. We can pretty much access anything we want. But there are those who have their information "selected" by someone who think they know better.
If you want to challenge your government, would you let this infidel challenge your religion ?
(by publishing cartoons and stuff)
IOW: can you challenge politics but not faith ? Or both ? Or none ?