Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"They will show you how hitting be"

So the reasons behind blocking Youtube in Sudan are still unknown, local newspapers reported that NTC officials didn't comment, one official said they will pass a written statement to newspapers, which i'm still waiting for.
I can imagine how that statement will look like, they will babble about immoral videos, and the sexual content as if blocking it will stop people from watching it, or they will express their anger at the "disrespecting" graphic videos of the president Omer Al-Bashir, as if he's not already a joke and a disgrace. but what they will not say is the truth about their improsinment to the children captured after JEM attacks. who were later given amnesty by President Omer Beshir and I know he didn't do that out of sympathy.
We can still open Youtube in Sudan, using Canada's servers for example.

The video shows prisoners of JEM May 10th attacks, children prisoners, forced to crawl while being beaten by government Army soldiers. You can hear the children scream in pain, and you will see many soldiers with whips in their hands. They say a picture worth a thousand words, well, a video worth alot more I say.
If you can't understand arabic or sudanese dielect, I'll try to translatre some of the dialogue. One of the soldiers voice tellin another "let him hit them, let him take out their souls too", then the same voice is asking one of the prisoners "RPG?", he says againg "Klash? klash you son of a dog". other voices in the background "hit him", "hit him good", the children cries will make you sick.
At the second minute of the video, the soldiers are asking one of the prisoners some questions in a sarcastic way. "You were forced to come here?" the prisoner answers "Yes we were forced", the prisoner then says some more stuff but I can't hear him, they ask him "why did you go to Angamina (the capital of Chad which gave support to Dr. Khalil's forces)" he answers "I'm from Sudan" and says something about "hitting/shooting", a soldier tells him "They will show you how hitting be". and with the same sarcastic behaviour a soldier asks a prisoner if he "wants water" and tells him to "wait, it'll come". and the video ends with soldiers shouting and telling the prisoners to stay down, a soldiers steps on a prisoner's head in a very insulting way, and I'm sure if he was ever released he will carry arms again to kill "arabs".

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Debbie said...

YouTube is like Google/Blogger. They ban what they want, what doesn't fit their agenda. It's really too bad.

YouTube is such a great way for people to get their message out in a personal way.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth