Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Spirit of Time

I heared about this net movie called Zeitgeist (German for Spirit of Time) and how it's "the most interesting, scary, brilliant, sickening and thought provoking film that I have had the pleasure to watch", quoting a dude from Yahoo Answers.

I cheaked the movie's webpage, and they got a quote at the bottom says:
"They must find it difficult...
those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority".

I didn't watch it yet, but I know it's about religons, and some other fucked up topics, I watched a few minutes on Google Videos (They got it Full in here), and it looks interesting cuz it cretisize religions in general and not only that LIE called Christanity which doesn't even need criticism to see how fake it is. I hope they got something about Islam.

so yeah, I downloaded it, and I'm going to watch it tonight, come back later to give it a thump up or down. anyways, I also downloaded Half Baked, so if this turned to be some stupid concpiracy theory slide show, I got Dave Chappelle to make me forget, and some real good weed man.
one more thing, is this gonna be like the Net Movies era or something? they're everywhere and about everything. I think it rocks. Academy Award people should add it to their list.


HalalHippie said...

You got me curious, I'll watch it too.

Can you elaborate on that "lie called Christianity" ? Some of your fellow Earthlings might find that label hurtful. We don't wanna disrespect other ppl's religious feelings, do we ?

Anyways, I'll be back with a thumb

HalalHippie said...

For starters the 1st part about the pagan roots of Christianity is very interesting, I see where you got the "lie" from.

2nd part: "9/11 was an inside job, what else is new ? I pray it's not true :-)

3rd part: usury and capitalism.
That was old news in the 70es

"Them that's got shall get
them that's not shall lose
so the bible says
and it still is news
mama may have
papa may have
but God bless the child
that got his own"

Jah guide

DZA said...

i still didn't watch it actually, I got problems with my computer
anyways.. im glad you learned about the "pagan roots" of christanity, you saved me the time to explain why I blv christanity is nothing but a lie.
about 9/11, i didn't know the movie mentioned it, kool.anyways, that 9/11 is an inside job, that's a fact to me.
thanks alot for your feedback, i appreciate it. ill come back when i watch it myself.

HalalHippie said...

Careful now, if it's all true about the figure of Jesus drawing from pagan sources (And I don't doubt the church fabricated a lot) then the references in the Qu'ran might also be lies. And where does that lead to ?

9/11 an inside job ? could very well be (although the mere thought of it is too horrible to think of) ..

Strange how we're both taught that "the other side" is to blame.

Suppose it's true that "somebody" wants the Arab/Muslim and the Western world to be antagonistic...then you and I are both victims: and it's our duty as humans is to reject it.


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