Thursday, July 5, 2007

Still smokin, what?

hey yall, sorry i didn't update in such a long time.. my bad. and to those who left some comments and i didn't reply to you, i'm really sorry but i'll get back atcha soon. it's just been some real shit here.
and between gettin topics titled with my name and waiting for Sudanese Thinker's blog to get back so I see what else commentors got to say on some of the issues he always comes up with. I found out that Akir and Immortal Technique released a new video, and it's so good for underground cats, I know IT made some mad money of sellin his dope Revolutionary Vol. 2 without a major deal, nigga got rich. anyways here's the video, you'll never see it on BET. and I'll come back with some shit later. peace

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