Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Is Street

Haven't blogged in ages, i know
I need to come back, I miss this
but anyways, Facebook timeline brought this up to me, thought I share it here
wrote it a long time ago, so yeah

i'm doin this, for the kids growing up on the other side of perfect
a life of hurting, only agony is certain
people say eyes are windows to the soul
but you can't see through these curtains
of pain and misfortune
heads are heavy due to the weight of burden
still, they hold it high and even higher when sniffing on glue so they don't mire
in a life of shit, they tend to catch a fire
burn slow, for they know heaven gates are theirs to acquire
I admire their smiles and laughter
hope reminiscing will help them erase the anguish in the hereafter
if they ever reached it, cuz these kids, are just like a rafter
they never know if the next wave will take them to safety or to the grave
most of them are depraved
most of them never had a father, so don't tell one to behave
most of them don't work at all, but one still feels like a slave
and your garbage is someone else's food, and just like you and I they do crave

- Now this is street ..
by Ahmad Mahmoud on Friday, August 8, 2008 at 6:25pm

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