Saturday, June 9, 2007


I don't give a fuck about Karma
cuz if it never comes to those who benefit from Misery
Ain't no motherfucking way it could ever do shit to me


HalalHippie said...

If I understand your point correctly, you expect worldly suffering to bring "pie in the sky" ?

That is a very simplified understanding of the concept of Karma.

Or maybe I don't get it. What you mean ?

DZA said...

its simple man, what i ment is i dont give a fuck about karma
im muslim, i don't beleive in such pagan shit

HalalHippie said...

I see.... "pagan shit" :-) Well, if my Protestant Christian upbringing is not mistaken, there's the doctrine of retribution. "No sin goes unpunished, no good deed unrewarded".

I imagine Islam has the same thing.

cool runnings

Anonymous said...

heey but this is the thing so what if its a pagan concept isnt it right i mean u beilieve in it but u just dont acknowledge the fact that u do believe in it,cuz our islam teachings state the same..
which is basically more good deeds, heaven more bad deeds ,hell simple..
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