Monday, June 4, 2007

Shit is tight

I googled for some information about the so-called "Morality Police" or Al Nizam Al Aam of Khartoum, I was trying to find out some infos about the way it started and stuff, but I didn't find anything usefull, at least not yet.

The reason why I wanna know about Al Nizam Al Aam is because, yesterday, me and 3 of my friends had to CLEAN their offices. yub, we got caught and sent by the BLUE BOX to the station where the boys in blue made a BARNAMIG out of us and made us clean the offices and the Hoosh of course, but that's a long story I'm gonna talk about it in another post. till then FUCK THE POLICE.

anyways, while I was googlin I saw these funny caricatures in some sudanese forums, shit was funny. wait here it is..


if your interested in the members replys click here to visit the page.

Years ago, girls couldn't wear them sexy skirts in the streets, cuz the boys from Al Nizam Al Aam would litterly kick they asses. lol, not just them, I remember this one old dude who used to roam Al Sooq Al Araby area with a black plastic hose whoopin girls asses, hmmm, I wonder where he is now?? so yeah.. the police stopped harrasing our women after all, after a campaign by the local newspapers talking about police brutality on girls and stuff like that. now a days you see ass everywhere (I mention that word alot aint I?), in colleges, high schools, parks, malls, etc.
If you asked me, i'd tell you i love it :) .. I mean, comon. don't you love it too? lol
Instead of wasting our time taking care of women dressing sizes or the way they dress, we should take care of those who don't even got shit to dress, if that girl is going to hell cuz she dressed that way, well your going to hell too for riding a luxury car while kids are starving just 10 minutes aways from you, word is to the Nizam Al Aama officials, and fuck you for sobering me up yesterday.


Precious said...

Heey, First time I know you had your very own Blog, welcome to the blogosphere bro.. Intresting topic you have here.. wierd how not so many Sudanese bloggers discussed it before..
Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

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