Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dirty Acres

Wooo, over a thousand visit to my blog, awesome.. I don't even post that much lol

sorry yall, Ramadan really is some shit, I sleep all day and cruze all night, I can't find anytime to do anything. but I'll drop some stuff later.

anyways, I thought I could use my traffic to promote Cunninlynguists new joint Dirty Acres .. If you don't know who Cunninlynguists are, they're just another motherfuckas bringin truth in the form of hip hop.. they drop science with thier "Stunning English" and life visions and philosophy, rappin about diffrent issues from love to politics their shit is a must have. You Never Know Ft. Immortal Technique is a good example of their hip hop revolution.
and clcik here to download the pro for their new album which is going to drop by the end of November, Dirty Acres .. I didn't listen to it yet, waiting for Azan so I can smoke me a fat joint before listenin to it..
I promised myself I'll buy it if I ever left Sudan, all they sell here is crag david and 50 cent man, what a shame, but I'll buy the shit, you too.. support the artists if you like their work, don't be a bitch.. aite.

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