Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rhythm and Poetry

just pretend you didn't see that idiot motaz sobahy.. i don't know why the fuck would they bring such a fake artist to present one of the puerest forms of arts ever made.. anyways..
that was BIB, a rap group from Sudan, they been droppin shit for more than ten years now and I only hurd of em today .. they deserve mad props yo
gtg, peace out


Anonymous said...

الاخ الفاضل

حيث اننا بصدد تأسيس رابطة المدونين السودانيين ، فنرجو تكرمك بزيارة المدونة المخصصة لهذا الغرض و مشاركتك معنا في النقاش و للخروج بالبيان التأسيسي و إنتخاب اعضاء اللجنة

ولكم الشكر

رابط المدونة هو:

Rara Avis said...

who the heck are they???
I didn't know about them until now. who the heck r they and who the heck is moataz sobhy or whatever....